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Sometimes you have to be fast. Fast Stealth! Ha!


It isn't look stealthy enough after trying it once or twice only..

But when you understand the game and can play it atleast quite good in multiplayer, THEN it becomes stealthy.

Knowing the maps and when you can run and when you should creep, knowing the Glossary Link shadows and how far a guard can see with flares does wonders and help in pure stealth sneaking.

stealth sneakingstealth sneaking Move from reactive equipment that suits a situation to a passive abilities system and vica versa.

Fast/Slow Transition

Thieving is all about the fast/slow transition:

  1. Moving in fast to infiltrate, dashing between shadows when the opportunity presents itself.
  2. But then, hiding and moving about as silently so as to not attract attention.
  3. And then fleeing for your life when uncovered!

thief sneakingthief sneaking The current weapon-buy system teaches player this quite successfully.

Mix stealth and fast moving works when necessary.

There is plenty of scope for sneaky play. But equally there are situations where you have to put the pedal to the metal.

Absense of silent movement places a premium on stealthy movement, a player must learn when to walk and when to run. This involves judgement and timing (i.e. skill).

Risk Taking

balancing  riskbalancing risk You may have caught me in a few games moving at the wrong moment, it's called "risk-taking".

Something ALL thieves have to do at time to time otherwise they would remain perpetually stationary in the shadowy corners for the full game.

But I've also played enough games where I've come out the thief with the most loot and completely out-foxed the guards as those where I've played crap.

  • There have been many many times where I tried to lean around corners and listen for the slightest sound of incoming guards ...
  • After evaluating the situation carefully I would make my move ...
  • Only to see a guard come barreling out of a nearby tile hallway not a few meters away, ready to smash the poor thief that had dared to leave his Glossary Link shadow.

risk takingrisk taking As for guards playing against good thieves if you don't know where they are/might be. Every step you take means what you're leaving can be looted, and what you're not checking up on is being looted as you stand there undecided.

The best method

go in the front doorgo in the front door In fact on some maps the best method seems to be more or less go in the front door and grab as much as you can before anyone shows up, and if they do, well you have escape.

the coast is clearthe coast is clear 

Then just retreat to outside, wait a couple of mins and go in were you left off.take a chancetake a chance 

  1. Whats the point waiting in the shadows making sure the coast is clear before going into a room.
  2. The longer the wait the more chance a guard will come running round and trip over you or set up defenses around your Glossary Link objectives.
  3. Best to take a chance and go quickly and get out of there before any guard ever shows up.

Don't get Unlucky

unluckyunlucky And, sometimes, just rely on your luck, with more or less satisfying results.

I can only pray I don't get Unlucky - the rest is up to my own skill and judgement.

Regarding the amount of luck in that Multiplayer Online Game:unluckyunlucky 

  • we have random object spawning - Loot and Objectives always spawn randomly to add change and variation;
  • randomish players spawns (affecting whether a player can rush or defend a rush in time);
  • and the general luck of bumping into other players in awkward situations randomly;
  • or having a guard spot you just before you hide enough.

Luck, the element of risk and suprise that comes from having to take a chance.


Luck, the element of risk and suprise that comes from having to take a chance.

True Thieving = Fast In + Fast Out.

Though similar in concept, this Multiplayer Online Game has fast pace:

  • Suddenly guards do not ignore your presence after a fashion, and they can climb up after you.
  • If you sit too long in one spot, the human guards will find you.
  • They know the places, they know the hiding spots. The guard player knows every hidden entrance, every Glossary Link route, every Glossary Link objective, every bottleneck and every possible move of the thief.

full scale searchfull scale search So a single sound would start a full scale search-action in the entire building, because every guard knows it can only be a thief.

footstepsfootsteps Just enough that if a guard is walking his footsteps would drown out the sound. So the thief would have to time the pull with other noises (which is what real sneaks have to do) to make it stealthy.real sneakreal sneak 

Multiplayer has to be abit faster, and could be played on very high skill. Thinking well on your feet requires brains as well.



Usually just create a diversion, run in, grab what I was coming for and run out.

If I get seen then I use my inventory items to help with an escape.

I find that exciting and entertaining and I'm sure the guards do too.

Can't sit too long.

It's too easy for human guards to find out hidden thieves

Because, humans guard constantly running can quickly cover alot of ground.

And makes moving through Glossary Link bright areas between shadows more of a luck thing than anything else.

The speed that Guards move at also make the "sneakability" qualities of Thief Glossary Link gameplay diminish when they can move 40mph with flares to Glossary Link light up all areas.

I was moving too slow and there is a time limit to push the game.

So I had to pick up the pace.

And it works too, mix stealth and fast moving when necessary.

When the pace is too faster player got clobbered often. Still fun.

Along the way I noticed that when I picked up the pace too much I got clobbered often.

Still fun.

We sometimes go round and round to see who is gonna fall first.

Is a blast duking it out sometimes.

But someone has to bite it.

If you see a guard, you do what we do.... Run.

Thief is just a little faster than a guard.

So he can makes quick escape if has the skill to guess a guard deciding what direction thief has taked.

Thieves avoid conflict, and run like a pansy if a situation does arise.

Stealth play means don't be seen

But this is a practical impossibility on quite a few of the maps when there are about 4 or 5 40mph Guards rushing around with flares or shadow-slashing.

It's currently near impossible for Thieves to get away when Guards move at the same speed with swords as an unarmed Thief and the Thief also has to weave from Guards that have spammed on the fire arrows or para bolts.

If you stick around in area with 4 or 5 guards running around, it's your own fault if you get caught and killed.

If you get surprised by a group of guards in a light area...

that's when its time to make use of an item and get the hell out of there.

It is not near impossible to get away at all if you keep an escape plan in the back of your head at all times.

Guards only run the same speed as you, not faster.

So if you have the lead in the chase, unless he smacks you with a para arrow you should be able to get away.

To me it seems that the movement speed in Thievery is still far too high to promote stealth.

Running is hardly penalized when, due to ping disparity and high movement rate together.

A fast paced deathmatch game with stealth ambitions

Slow-pacing is not in and of itself a route to good strategy.

Thieves Vs Guards players... who are essentially the Le Parkour of the game..

They want every move from skulk, to knockout, to escape to me quick and fluid, stopping only when it is a must.

That's why you provide incentive to MOVE.

Some players run around a lot and some players Glossary Link deathmatch a lot.

But others play the Multiplayer Online Game at a slower pace and the game rewards them for their efforts.

There is stealth in it for sure but sometimes you have to push it to get an objective

And that's where the shooter comes in, blackjackings, arrows, and flashes and run and dodge.

Sometimes there are lots of Guards around you have to get by.

One teammate can distract to get you too an area or you can douse torches for more shadow (which can be relit by flares), or use inviso, etc.

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