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The Online Multiplayer Action Game


Avoiding detection is the second name of the Multiplayer Online Game.

unique selling pointunique selling point This is one of the few Online Multiplayer Games that lets to succeed in ways other than beating the opponent until he's dead, and that's the selling point and core of the game.

  • It is about how much loot you can sneakily get away with.
  • The Thieves are the guys that try to assault, and therefore should be the guys that try to be careful.


Getting into a position to use your equipment effectively is the most important skill for Thieves.

thiefthief As a Thief you have to be a lot more skilled to stand a chance.

There will, naturally be ways for the Guards to detect or catch unwary Thieves too. Thieves have to keep on their toes, as well as Guards.thiefthief 

But the Online Multiplayer Game is much less forgiving to Thieves.

  • If you screw up as a Guard, unless it's a really big mistake, no harm done. The Thieves will come back.
  • If you screw up as a Thief you've probably lost your loadout, whatever you were carrying, half your money, and a banked life.

advantage & disadvantageadvantage & disadvantage 

Both sides have distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Thieves can hide, walk silently and use the level architecture to navigate.

The Thief doesn't make much noise when moving, while the Guard can be detected 3 rooms away!awarenessawareness 

Guard armor has not only varying effects on absorbing blows, the side effect of making a grinding, rustling noise when the Guard runs or even walks around, obscuring his aural awareness.

Etiquette of killing

If you can kill a thief, kill it, don't worry about it being "someone else's kill".

The purpose is for the team to win, not individuals to have high scores.

"Killing a Thief" Theory

I'll give you a short "theory" I have on killing a Thief.

I believe there are two stages to it in MOST instances.


Art TheftArt Theft 

Multiplayer Online Game has maps, placed with decorative art and mysterious objects known as loot.

Each map has its own set of Glossary Link objectives ranging

  • from simply stealing gold
  • to recovering lost artifacts.

Non-linear Gameplay

Many different entry pointsMany different Glossary Link entry points The multiplayer missions would have lots of entry points which fluctuate to allow the Thieves plenty of entry choices.

And also an area where the Guards cannot venture out into - the Thieves home, which is very Glossary Link dark and allows the Thieves to spy out a possible Glossary Link route.